LiveRig MIDI Controller arrives

A new MIDI controller for your iPad:

When it comes to MIDI only two things matter.

Designed for both studio and stage applications, LiveRig understands how crucial relia
bility and low-latency are to your live performance. With LiveRig, the freedom of reliable wireless MIDI is now a reality.

Out of the box.

  • Perform without any 3rd party software or hardware.
  • Transform that USB MIDI Device into a Wireless MIDI Device.
  • Become efficient in the studio setting levels on demand.
  • Logic Environment & MainStage Templates accessible via iTunes File Sharing.
  • Incredibly simple yet extremely powerful control over MIDI messages.

Designed for beginners. Built for professionals.

  • Innovative fader control system providing 134mm faders at your fingertips.
  • Configure and integrate into a live or studio setup using the Connection Rack.
  • Transparency of channels and control codes simplifying all MIDI messages.
  • Intuitive configuration and a streamlined interface.
  • Uncomplicated reference material when it’s needed by simply tapping LiveRig.

Observes the MIDI Specification using conventional messages.

  • Built for CoreMIDI and Multi-Core devices.
  • Knobs, Encoders, Faders & Buttons use MIDI Control Change messages.
  • MIDI Machine Code available for transport controls.
  • Incoming MIDI Time Code displayed on the main LCD in realtime.

The app is priced at $14.99.

LiveRig MIDI Controller - PullRibbon

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