Rhythm Studio: Massive update and price drop

Not only a huge update for this app, but a 50% price drop to $0.99. Here’s what’s new:

  1. You can now have FOUR instrument devices in your song!
  2. You now have the ability to choose what devices go into your song. Four TB-3’s? No problem!
  3. The DR-9 Drum Machine has been added. This is a 909 style drum machine. Let the legend continue.
  4. The Hornet Ribbon Synth has been added. The Hornet is a funky subtractive synth.
  5. Export to Audio Paste has been added!
  6. The Mixer and FX have been integrated into a single mixer device that fits on one screen.
  7. The Control Pad has been improved with a larger control surface and the ability to erase mistakes.
  8. You now have the choice to move the knobs linearly or angularly.
  9. Email functionality has been added. Email us for support or email your song file to a friend.
  10. The Gate FX has been added for slicing and dicing your sound.
  11. You can now lock a song to prevent future editing.
  12. Single tap from bird’s eye view to zoom into device.
  13. Minor Bug Fixes.
  14. Lots of optimization!
  15. Improved Graphics.

But that’s not all, they go on to say, “We also updated the Rhythm Studio App Icon to hint at what is coming in the next major update. Stay tuned for more synths, drum machines, FX, and overall improvements in future updates of Rhythm Studio.

 So what do you think the new icon means?

Rhythm Studio - Pulse Code, Inc.

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