It’s Monday, it’s Wait List time

UPDATE: Thanks to those who pointed out the mistakes and the missing entries. Special thanks to those of you who left supportive comments. I really appreciate it.

The list is updated/corrected now.

Well this week’s wait list is a bit lighter as quite a few things have arrived in the last week. So, here’s the stuff that’s still on the list (as far as I know anyway):

iOS Apps:

  • Cascadr v3
  • Jasuto Studio
  • iSequence 3
  • loopseque extra
  • NanoStudio iPad update
  • Scattr (new app from Michael Aldridge)
  • Tympanum from miniMusic
  • Thumbjam update (which I posted about last week and is pretty amazing)
  • iSample update
  • Sampletank for IOS by IK Multimédia
  • Mint io
  • Cream io
  • Noise.IO XT
  • Dimensions from RJDJ 
  • Arctic Keys (released today)
  • Toro Mini for the iPad
  • Moog App?
  • PixiTracker for iOS
  • Geo Synth 
  • Sample Lab update
  • Rhythm Studio update
  • DM-1 update


  • FL Studio Android
  • NodeBeat Android 


  • iRig MIDI
  • Akai Synthstation 49

    Did I miss anything else? Clip to Evernote

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