Loopy 2.1 (iPhone) released

 Not the new HD version, but an update to the original Loopy if you haven’t seen it as yet:

  • Major improvements to audio and timing engines, for pinpoint timing accuracy, silky-smooth crossfades and better audio performance.
  • New panel, with improved tempo controls including “tempo tapping”.
  • Count-in and count-out mute and unmute.
  • “Synchronize Tracks” setting which can be turned off for free-running unsynced tracks.
  • Zip file support: Drag zip files into Loopy via iTunes and they will automatically be unpacked.
  • Improved visual metronome with distinct downbeat.
  • Adjust volume of metronome by swiping left and right over metronome controls.
  • Lots of new gestures for power users.
  • “Play in Background” setting.
  • Revised control screen interface.
  • Italian localization, thanks to Andrea Maschio.

Loopy - A Tasty Pixel

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