Meteor 1.2 brings virtual instruments

Another great update for Meteor:

This version of Meteor introduces Virtual Instruments which can be purchased via an In-App purchase. The virtual instrument Pack allows you to assign Drum Kits, an Analog Synthesizer or Stereo Sampler instrument to a MIDI track.

  • A Stereo Phaser Plugin has been added to the In-App purchases
  • Side chaining is now available on Stereo audio tracks using the Comrpessor.
  • MIDI Thru support has been added to the MIDI Setup page
  • Virtual Piano Keyboard and Key Pad windows now available in the MIDI Editor for use with real time recording and step recording.
  • A new option has been added to the Mixdown menu allowing you to export each track individually during a mixdown. This is useful for transferring your projects to other packages.
  • Fixed a bug where the compressor effect wasn’t correctly setting output after loading a project
  • A ‘Downloadable Sound Libraries’ option has been added to the ‘Help’ menu from which you can download additional sounds and patches for installed ‘Virtual Instruments’. This option is not available unless you have the ‘Virtual Instruments Pack’ installed.

Meteor Multitrack Recorder -

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