Loopy HD arrives

Loopy HD arrives and is actually a universal, which is a bit of a surprise.


  • Six, nine, or twelve beautifully rendered circular loops, with simple yet powerful controls.
  • Count-in, count-out and record chaining lets you keep your hands free to play an instrument.
  • Overdub, to build beautiful, complex soundscapes from many layers.
  • Support for tracks of any multiple or fraction of a beat, for flexible and expressive looping.
  • Sophisticated audio or visual metronome to keep you in time – no matter what time signature you choose.
  • Perfectly synchronized, low latency audio engine.


  • Import loops from your computer via iTunes, with support for AIFF, WAV, MP3, M4A, CAF and more.
  • Bring in audio from many other audio apps with integrated MAPI AudioPaste, with support for Intua general pasteboard format.
  • Imported loops are automatically fit to your beat, no matter what tempo.


  • Full stereo audio, with pan controls for each track to create custom stereoscapes.
  • Fix up timing by twisting tracks around to line up the beat, or make funky sound effects with dynamic time shifting.
  • Drag a track onto another track to merge tracks, and clear up a space.
  • Live, dynamic tempo adjustment to speed up or slow down your creations, without altering the pitch.


  • Record whole performances with in-app session recording facilities.
  • Upload performances or single loops straight to SoundCloud, and post to Twitter or Facebook.
  • Email audio clips (with automatic conversion to compressed AAC audio).
  • Share audio with many other audio apps with MAPI AudioCopy.
  • Transfer loops or performances to your computer via iTunes.

The app is priced at $3.99

Loopy HD - A Tasty Pixel

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