iRig MIDI Recorder arrives

IKM’s iRig MIDI recorder arrives:

iRig MIDI Recorder is a free iOS app that requires the IK Multimedia iRig MIDI hardware interface for iOS devices. iRig MIDI Recorder provides simple recording and playback of any MIDI sequence to and from any type of MIDI-equipped musical instrument. iRig MIDI Recorder is the perfect companion to iRig MIDI, the compact MIDI interface for iOS devices. One-touch recordings can be made quickly and easily by just tapping the prominent record button. Recordings are organized by date and they can be exported via Wi-Fi, E-mail and iTunes File Sharing in Standard MIDI file format.

iRig MIDI Recorder also automatically handles iRig MIDI firmware version checks and updates.

iRig MIDI Recorder and iRig MIDI together allow you to:

  • Record real-time MIDI performances from keyboards, pedal-boards, drum machine, drum pads or any other type of MIDI controller.
  • Record data dumps from your MIDI devices in order to backup and restore their settings or transfer to another unit.
  • Monitor the incoming MIDI signal to troubleshoot a MIDI setup or check what your MIDI devices are transmitting.
  • iRig MIDI Recorder Features:
  • Convenient, easy to use mobile MIDI recording and playback app. Just launch the app and press RECORD
  • Compatible with the Core MIDI standard and the perfect companion to iRig MIDI
  • Integrated MIDI monitor with independent indications for Notes, Control Changes, SysEx and other MIDI message types
  • Allows filtering of MIDI data types that do not need to be recorded or played
  • Automatically organizes MIDI recordings by creation date
  • Automatically handle iRig MIDI Firmware version check and updates
  • MIDI Soft Thru function to send to the MIDI OUT port what is being received on the MIDI IN port
  • Input OMNI: can record on 16 MIDI channels simultaneously or can be limited to Channel 1 only
  • Compatible with iPhone 4 and 3GS, iPad 2 and iPad, iPod touch 4th and 3rd generation
  • Compatible with iOS 4.3 and newer
  • Requires the iRig MIDI hardware interface from IK Multimedia

iRig MIDI is a universal app and is free.

iRig MIDI Recorder - IK Multimedia Clip to Evernote

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