Cue Play DJ Lite appears

I thought that this was already on the app store, but perhaps I’m wrong there. This free ‘lite’ version of Cue Play DJ has turned up on the app store today. Here are the details:

Cue Play DJ Lite gives you the chance to try the world’s most advanced and fully-featured digital DJ solution for the iPhone and iPod Touch, using our five bundled tracks. A plane flight, a car ride, a waiting room, or a couch can now become a DJ booth where one track seamlessly blends into another as you control every aspect of your audio experience. Comparable to the feature sets of digital DJ solutions that cost several hundred dollars on your desktop, Cue Play DJ let’s you try your hand at real DJing using an interface that should be familiar to anyone who has ever stepped into a DJ booth.

Key Features:

  • Industry standard interface familiar to all DJs
  • Simultaneous playback of 2 tracks at CD-quality
  • +/- 10% pitch capabilities
  • 3-Band EQ w/Gain
  • EQ kill switches
  • Delay, Flanger, and Low Pass Filter effects
  • Crossfader
  • Automatic Track Syncing (BPM and Phase)
  • Multiple Stored Cue Points with Hot Cues (up to 5)
  • Quantized Loops (with dynamic loop length)
  • Rolling Loop Sampling (Track keeps playing while loop repeats)
  • Multiple Headphone Modes (Stereo cue/mix, Mono cue/mix, Split “Party” mode – mix/master)

Cue Play DJ Lite - Capsulated Software Clip to Evernote

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