You want to play air guitar? Go on then!

I posted the video earlier, now here are all the details:

Finally, a REAL air guitar!

You can actually play real air guitar without having to hold a phone, touch the screen or shake a device. All you do is:

  • Set your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in front of you-
  • Start pickin’ ‘n’ strummin’ in the air–

Thanks to the magic of GhostGuitar’s Augmented Self Reality, you don’t need anything but your hands (or teeth, or air-violin-bow) and a determination to rock the world. You can even pick GhostGuitar’s strings individually.

GhostGuitar comes with four venerable guitars built in: choose Acoustic for some nice campfire strumming, Clean for the shimmering rhythms, Crunch for those classic rock power chords, or Sleek for a fatter, sonic lashing. Sculpt your own sound on top by using the virtual stompboxes in the GhostGuitar pedalboard. Evoke the late Invasion-era shimmering distortion via Fuzz Goblin, mellow it out with the analog-modeled chorus/vibrato of Ghoul Vibrations, and repeat it with the tape-delay inspired Echo-Plasm delay/reverb pedal.

GhostGuitar comes with many chord progressions that you can set to any key, and even down- or up-tune. If that’s not enough (never is…), you can create and save ANY number of your own progressions –no matter how weird– thanks to GhostGuitar’s extensive chord library. There’s no reason for you to not play *that* song.

You say you need a band? You’ll love “GhostBand”! Just hit the button for drums and bass to come in and accompany you. GhostBand will automatically recognize your chord changes and follow suit, just like a good band should. Much more timely and better smelling than the real thing. You can set tempo and choose among more than a dozen patterns, and individually adjust mix for bass and drums.

And how about vocals? For those of us who are vocally inclined, GhostBand also gives you a “GhostMic”: turn it on and sing along with your guitar pickin’. Beef up your vocals using the dedicated FX: dial in some delay, jack up the gain, warble and marble with some chorus.

And where can this all go? Into a video (or an audio file), you say? We say “yes!”. Record yourself playing or singing, or jamming to the GhostBand all together or separately. Save it as a movie or a song…up to you. If satisfied, share it on YouTube for kicks, or email it, download it via wi-fi, put some cheese on it and call it an omelette.

  • 44.1k Pro-quality audio
  • Touch free “air” guitar playing
  • Groundbreaking Realtime Mobile Machine Vision (REMMVi) technology, invented and developed here in Yonac Labs (patent(s) pending)
  • Uses front camera to pick up your fret and strum hands
  • Intelligent backing band via GhostBand
  • Simultaneous vocal recording via mic
  • Record (any combo of guitar, backing band, vocals) to audio or video
  • Four different guitars to choose from
  • GhostGuitar pedalboard with carefully engineered virtual stompboxes
  • Enough chord patterns to play most songs, ENDLESS patterns you can create for yourself
  • extensive chord library
  • Assign any chord in the library to any fret, in any key
  • individually pickable strings
  • Hammer on, auto-mute, alternate pick or down pick guitar control modes
  • Vocal FX rack
  • Probably a lot more you’ll have to discover on your own

NOTE: GhostGuitar needs a front-facing camera to work its magic

The app is priced at $1.99

GhostGuitar - Yonac Inc. Clip to Evernote

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