Hearing a lot of rumours about the ‘assistant’ in iOS5

Apart from the rumours that the new iPhone will have 1gb of RAM, I keep seeing articles that the new assistant will only run on the new hardware and not on anything less.

Apart from that drawback it sounds really amazing. Being able to send a text just be speaking it and similar voice driven tasks will be great. But what will it mean for music? Well I was wondering if perhaps developers would be able to add voice commands to music apps? Maybe starting with simple stuff like, ‘open a patch or file’, then, ‘new file’, ‘start sequencer’ etc. But why stop there? Why not more complex voice commands like ‘create a 4/4 beat’, ‘mixdown this track’, or maybe as far as ‘create a hit song that will mean I can give up my day job’?

Okay, perhaps the last one is a little ambitious. But on a more serious note there has to be scope for this technology to be used in a creative way. I’m just looking forward to what people dream up for it.

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