DJ Player 4 arrives (it’s a big one)

Looking at what’s new in this app it’s less of an update and more like a whole new app. The new stuff is huge! Take a look:


  • New design.
  • Easier navigation between the various screens.
  • Day or Night background. Set manually, or automatically according to your location’s sunrise/sunset.
  • iPad only: CPU meter, sunrise and sunset display.


  • Looping: 8 cue/loop points (on iPad, 6 on iPhone/iPod touch).
  • Modify cues/loops on the fly, while playback goes.
  • Max. 16 beats long automatic slip mode for reverse.
  • Beat and block-aligned seeking.
  • Pitch range is automatically adjusted, if the current pitch value doesn’t fit.
  • Vinyl Vision and waveform display is now super crisp.


  • Easier navigation.
  • Auto or bounce loop, reloop.
  • From 64 beats down to 1/256 beat.
  • iPad only: 128 beats, triolic beats (1/3, 3/4).
  • Temp pitch control.
  • Switchable beat-snap.
  • Slip mode (if on, the track goes silently “untouched” under the loop).
  • Double/half bpm adjust.
  • 1/8 for echo is back.
  • Separate sharp switches for echo and reverb (sharp on = effect turns off immediately, no “tail”).


  • Peak hold for VU meter with 3 settings (fades out, runs out, off).
  • Touch handling improvements, a touch is exclusive to one fader (no accidental movement of another fader nearby).
  • On track load, EQ can: reset all bands, reset mid/high and cut bass, or do nothing.
  • On track load, gain can: adjust automatically, reset, or do nothing.
  • You can choose between CUE or HOT CUE for the mixer/effects screen.
  • Improved punch fader mechanism to avoid accidental jumps.


  • Tracks screen cleaned up, convenient output mode selector and other things under the “More” button.
  • New playlist sort option: “Natural” to show a playlist’s tracks in the custom order you set up in iTunes.
  • New track sort option: “Comment”, to show tracks in the order of the first word in the comments metadata. Useful to sort by key for example.
  • Automatic marker shows if a track was played in the last 4 hours. Option in settings: it displays minutes too (30/60/90/120/240).
  • Manual marker switching (reset all possible too).


  • Better BPM detection.
  • Not just analyze all: analyze specific tracks or lists only.
  • The database now keeps your bpm and cue point data even if you remove a track from your device. If you upload it again, bpm and cue points are back.
  • The database is available at “File Sharing” in iTunes for backup or further processing. It’s a standard SQLite db now.
  • Smaller amount of metadata stored (around 10 kb per minute maximum, so less than 15 MB for 24 hours of music).


  • More than two devices nearby? No problem: device pairing for BPM sync.
  • Automatic wireless cue points and bpm import from nearby devices, no need to sync the metadata database to multiple devices.


  • Most settings moved to the Settings app (still on-the-fly changeable).


  • Stereo PFL button was “inverted” – fixed.
  • EQ remained active in Classic Club and Double Deck output modes – fixed.
  • Track analyzing was overwriting bpm (and sometimes cue points) – fixed.

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