Blancmange + iPhone Noise Maker = Happiness

I thought I’d post a little twitter conversation I had yesterday:

Listening to ‘Blanc Burn’ by Blancmange

@_blancmange_ @PalmSounds i like your site. i’ve got some of those noise makers. thing is, on iphone i need iphone scaled fingers. xxl ipad 28″ screen!

@PalmSounds @_blancmange_ Do you think you’d ever use an iPhone or ipad app for on of your tracks?

@_blancmange_  @PalmSounds yes.

As a big fan of Blancmange for many years it’s great to hear that a band like them would think of using mobile music tech in a track. Of course, I think a good noise maker would fit one of their tracks very nicely.

If you haven’t heard their music, then you really should hear their music.

Blancmange Clip to Evernote

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