RgbSoundPro Arrives

This is not a virtual instrument, this is not a drum machine or a sequencer: this is RGBSOUND!

  • “RGBSOUND brings music creation to the unwashed masses” – 148app.com
  • “Colour your iPad Tunes with RGBSOUND” – iPad Creative
  • “RGBSOUND: the innovative electronic music app made in Italy” – ispazio.net
  • “RGBSOUND: a lot of fun” – Spiegel online

Now RGBSOUND arrives in a PRO version:

  • Possibility to insert your own tracks
  • New analogic sounds created with Moog Voyager synthesizer by electro performer Valerio K Solari (http://www.veryelectromusic.com)
  • Accurate and professional control of BPM ratio and of PITCH shift of sounds thanks to DIRAC technology
  • Drum machine mode
  • New shining graphic

By tapping the colors you play sounds and you launch infinite electronic loops, by shaking the device you change your music pattern.

If you have an iPad you can use the screen-saver mode to project a colored mixture of visual effets on a screen, for example while you’re playing as DJ in a club.

RGBSOUND PRO is simple, fast and intuitive, now with pro and advanced features!


  • single tap to play a sound
  • double tap to start a loop
  • swipe up/down on a button to accelerate/decelerate a loop
  • single long press to show volume/pitch controls
  • use the direction square buttons to change the sound table
  • shake the device to change the set of sounds in each tables
  • press the corner buttons to access the drum machine mode and the general bpm/pitch controls


  • Create your sound samples in .wav format
  • Name your samples according to the map that is reported in the screenshot section and on our website at http://www.rgbsound.com/rgbsound/sound_file_map.html . The nomenclature is simple, the file name should contain three parts: the first part corresponds to the table (central/up/right/down/left), the second one corresponds to the button (from 1 to 6), the third one corresponds to the sound pattern (1 or 2) that is changeable with a shake of the device.
  • For example to insert a sound on the central table, 4th button, 1st pattern you name the file: center_4_1.wav
  • Another example, to insert a sound on the right table, 1st button, 2nd pattern you name the file: right_1_2.wav
  • Select your device in ITunes and go to the Apps Section
  • Drag your files on the File Sharing window and sync your device
  • Relaunch RGBSOUND PRO

After having pressed the rotating central button to access the control mask mode:

  • Save the current soundtrack by pressing on the gray squares. Once the track is saved the square will become white
  • Access the saved track by pressing again the corresponding white square.
  •  Delete a track by long pressing the corresponding white square, until it becomes gray again.


  • The soundtracks are saved in .rgbsound format that can be replayed only by RGBSOUND music app.
  • To export these files on the computer you connect the device to Itunes, in the app section of the device you go to the “file sharing window” and you save the files. The files are labeled from 1 to 6, for example track_1.rgbsound.
  • To copy and replay these files on another device you follow the same procedure through ITunes, but note that the file name should not be changed.

Stay tuned and TAP YOUR SOUND!

The app is priced at $2.99.

RgbSoundPro - Francesco Cricchio

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