Thumbjam update feature list

Here’s what’s coming to Thymbjam. It’s a big list!

MIDI support updates

  • Recorded audio loops now save a corresponding midi file alongside for later import into sequencers, etc.
  • Supports CoreMidi via wifi and wired with the iPad camera connection kit and USB midi interfaces (in/out).
  • Line6 MidiMobilizer support for midi in/out
  • Akai SynthStation support for in/out.
  • There is midi input support for all of the above so you can play the thumbjam instruments with external controllers, finally.
  • Virtual midi port support for communicating directly between apps running on the same device. You can use other controller apps to play TJ running in the background, or use TJ as a controller to play other synths. Full poly bends and note tie support for smooth continuous bending with compatible controller apps.
  • Cool new feature for midi input, called Scale Lock. When enabled all note input is mapped to the currently selected scale. For instance, if you play up the keyboard on adjacent white keys you get the next note of the selected scale for each white key pressed. It’s surprisingly playable, almost like the TJ equivalent for keyboard controllers.
  • The mod wheel is treated like whatever you have selected as an x-axis control or v.tilt volume, using whatever ranges are configured in the patch. Basically it will be either volume or pan, or filter cutoff if filter is enabled.

Effects updates:

  • Reverb now has separate sends for each loop.
  • Resonant low-pass filter implemented, with x-axis or tilt controls for cutoff and resonance.

Loop Mixdown:

  • New options for mixing down the current active audible loops to a single WAV file. It automatically makes the mixed-down loop as long as the longest loop, repeating the others as necessary. Reverb is optionally mixed into the output and the loop is placed into the Loops area.
  • A similar feature in the loop mixer to let you bounce the active loops down into a single loop.


  • Make your own custom scales in the app.
  • Pick which intervals of the standard 12-tone scale to include, lets you choose Equal or Just temperament, and also lets you apply fine tuning to individual notes in cents.
  • Assign category or make new categories.
  • When you select intervals it indicates a match with one of the current scales in TJ’s database.
  • Custom scales are accessible from the wifi transfer area if you want to share them with others.
  • Quick-change scale/key user preset buttons now available.
  • Split screen now supports different scales on each side, as well as key.


  • SoundCloud audio sharing support added. Easy sharing of loop mix-down, session or arbitrary audio file to SoundCloud, with integrated optional posting to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr (via soundcloud mechanism).
  • The Copy/Paste (now Export/Import) page lets you choose to mixdown the current active loops and copy that to the clipboard, or do the usual browse thing.
  • Added option for Paste, to immediately make a pasted loop the actively playing loop.


  • New visual look. Gone is the mottled and drab background image despised by so many.
  • New mic input control mode, play the ThumbJam instruments by singing, humming or from playing anything that produces pitch into the mic! Very responsive pitch tracking, a really fun alternative input method. MIDI output from it is also produced, so you can use it as a realtime audio to MIDI setup.
  • Bluetooth audio output now works when available.
  • Improved tuner during sample recording and instrument creation.

ThumbJam - Sonosaurus Clip to Evernote

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