Genome MIDI Sequencer updated

Here’s what’s new:

  • greatly reduced time between editing a pattern and hearing your changes
  • fixed some timing issues
  • improved network MIDI performance
  • CPU optimizations (50-60% faster in some cases)
  • fixed issue with importing MIDI files with ‘running status updates’
  • fixed network MIDI disconnect / connect dialog issues
  • Network MIDI hosts no longer automatically reconnect on startup
  • adjusted octave label on pattern editor (-1 octave)
  • added virtual i/o’s
  • ensured note-offs sent on stop
  • stopped song from playing when opening config, load panel
  • fixed issue with notes at end of pattern not playing
  • fixed issue with CC drawing past edge of a longer pattern
  • made changes to startup sequence (crash fixed?)
  • fixed issue with black keys on keyboard not being hittable in some cases
  • other crash fixes + bug fixes

Genome MIDI Sequencer - White Noise Audio Software Clip to Evernote

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