So now we know what it is!

Coming Soon as a Free App and Song Tool in FourTrack and StudioTrack!

Inspired by the ultimate collection of iconic and boutique amps and effect pedals, GuitarTone offers a vast array of high quality tones. Sonoma passionately created tonal interpretations of essential vintage and custom amps, pedals and microphones, and assembled them into GuitarTone.

You get 3 amps and 3 effects in the free GuitarTone App and in FourTrack and StudioTrack, Sonoma’s critically acclaimed recording Apps for serious musicians.

24 more amps and 24 more effects will be available for $9.99 per 12-pack. Add-on packs purchased in GuitarTone or FourTrack can be activated for free in GuitarTone, StudioTrack and FourTrack.

Details at the Sonoma site. Clip to Evernote

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