NLogSynth PRO updates

Here’s what’s new:

New Settings:

  • Vertical Knob Mode (in “Sys/Knobs”)
  • Global Transposition (in “Sys/Pitch”)
  • Oscillator Running Phase (in “Sys/Pitch”)
  • New Device Section for individually managing MIDI Devices (in “Sys/Devices”)
  • Settings Menu Renaming (“Wheels” & “XY” merged into “Control”, “Perf” renamed to “Knobs”)


  • Mute Switch now ignored for ease of use
  • New “NLog Mini” Sound Bank included
  • Audio Background Mode option for running in Parallel with other Music Apps
  • Connecting other Apps via Virtual MIDI Ports like playing NLogSynth from SoundPrism PRO
  • Wav Recording increased to 4 min on iPad2


  • Arpeggio Sync On/Off option
  • MIDI Clock for Sync with other MIDI apps or devices
  • WIST for Start/Stop & BPM Sync with Korg Apps and other
  • (WIST is a trademark and software of KORG INC.)

NLogSynth PRO - tempo rubato

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