RealBeat review

I’ve been playing with this for a while now and I’m really loving the somplicity of the design, and the ease of use of this sampler sequencer.

If you don’t know the app the idea is really straightforward. RealBeat is a sampler for taking sounds from anywhere and making them into drum patterns, or any other kind of pattern for that matter. Creating a sample is easy. All you do is press the record button and wait for the sound. If you’re sampling a drum type sound then make the sound and the app will record what it thinks you’re trying to record. If it’s a lower level sound just push the button to record. You can edit the samples really easily in the app and undo changes too.

Pattern editing is a breeze and anyone who’s ever edited a drum pattern will be immediately at home here. The app can audio copy individual patterns and has some nice real time FX processing too.

The only thing I’d like to see is a session record function on this. That’d be excellent. Even without it this is a really nice polished app.

RealBeat - joerg piringer

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