WiFiMIDI Free for iPhone

A free version of WiFiMIDI arrives for the iPhone. Here’s the description:

WiFiMIDI Free is a remote keyboard, drum pad and controller for MIDI. You can send MIDI signals to your MIDI compatible applications on your mac : GarageBand, Reason… WiFiMIDI watercolor-based look and feel is unique.

WiFiMIDI Free is ad-supported.

Your iPhone or iPod need to be on the same WiFi network than the Macintosh™ running MIDI software. On the MacOS™ computer, the application “Audio MIDI Setup” is in the Utilities folder inside the Applications folder. This application routes the MIDI signal to all MIDI applications running on the Mac.

No need for special cable nor dedicated software.

Works with an iPod Touch 4G ou an iPhone 3GS or later.
Needs iOS 4.1 or later.
Needs OS X™ on the remote host – 10.4 or later.

WiFiMIDI Free - Le bord de la piscine

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