Unexpectedly, a Noise Machine is updated

I wasn’t expecting to see an update to this app, but here it is. This cool little noise maker has been updated to cersion 1.2, which has new features and bugfixes:

  • Global volume multiplier control added
  • Global Pitch multiplier control added
  • Cleaner audio
  • – random partial beats removed
  • – Audio pops when saving/loading/resetting removed
  • Beat tempo controls now have a ‘synch’ button: in 1.1 the different beats could get out of synch as each note as it’s own beat counter, this keeps them all using a global beat counter. An option since out of synch beats can be quite interesting.
  • Dragging a note doesn’t stop the notes beats.
  • Reset now resets the local beat tempo multiplier
  • Reset resets the global beat tempo
  • Shake now randomises beats for the active notes
  • Save and Load UI reduced to make way for more UI – you now pick the save/load slot first, then pick the operation (save or load). Saved patterns are unaffected.
  • Slider pips would load slightly offset from expected positions.

The app is priced at $0.99

A Noise Machine HD - Jelly Biscuits

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