Loopy on the iPad / Loopy HD

Here’s what the developer says about the forthcoming iPad version of Loopy:

In advance of the happy occasion, I thought I’d outline our Master Plan.

Once Loopy HD is out, there’ll be two versions of Loopy:

  • Loopy will remain at its $2.99 price point, and will remain iPhone only.
  • Loopy HD will be available at a more iPad-esque price point (TBD), and is targeted specifically at iPad users. However, Loopy HD will actually be a Universal app, so that iPad users can also use the app on their iPhone without having to purchase the app again.

Loopy HD will take advantage of that nice big screen, and will have a configurable number of tracks (up to either 9, or maybe 12 — still to be decided upon).

To cater for existing iPad owners who have already bought a copy of Loopy, Loopy HD will be available at a dramatically reduced price for launch, so you won’t have to pay full price — we’ll let you know via an in-app message from Loopy (and the usual channels) when it’s available.

Via atastypixel.

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