StyleTap update (jailbreak devices only)

If you want a Palm OS emulator on your iDevice then you’re going to need to jailbreak and get StyleTap which has just been updated. StyleTap Platform for iPhone v0.9.012 is now available for download through Cydia and provides the following:

  • StyleTap now appears as a native iPad application instead of running in an iPhone compatibility box
  • When a hardware keyboard (or a barcode scanner using a keyboard datawedge) is enabled, the onscreen keyboard will disappear properly
  • When StyleTap is enabled for keyboard input, the keyboard icon will turn blue (useful when using a hardware keyboard)
  • Significantly improved (more than doubled) screen refresh rate
  • StpTakePicture function call added to the StyleTap API which allows a program to invoke the camera
  • Various fixes to problems reported by users

Why get a Palm OS emulator on your iDevice? Take a look at this. Clip to Evernote

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