Some thoughts about iMASCHINE

I was thinking about NI’s announcement yesterday about iMASCHINE and considering what it means for mobile in general. First off I’m really glad to see the announcement, that’s for sure. It’s great to see another big development studio get into mobile. But there are a few other points to consider as well.

Firstly, the announcement came alongside a much more mobile version of the hardware, MASCHINE Mikro. That in itself signals a move to a more portable environment whilst continuing the coupling of hardware and software.

Secondly, the mobile app suggests a degree of integration with the desktop and hardware versions. NI say on their iMASCHINE page:

And when you’re done, you can finalize your track in the full version of MASCHINE or MASCHINE MIKRO or directly upload it to SoundCloud and share with your friends.

Thirdly, and possibly most tenuously, the same page starts with:

The first ever Native Instruments iPhone® and iPod touch® App

It might be nothing, but to me, saying that it is the ‘first‘ suggests they may have other apps planned or even in the wings waiting to see how iMASCHINE is received.

Of course, I hope they do more, much more, but we’ll have to see how the community received iMASCHINE first and then see what they do with it.

Irrespective, it’s great to see NI join the party, and I hope it makes other big developers sit up and pay more attention to mobile. Clip to Evernote

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