Some background to Chromat

I had a conversation with Jay the development of Chromat, who has some interesting things to say about where the app is coming from:

Basically the app is proof-of-concept for which I’m hoping to find shared interest: that if melodies and rhythms can adapt and react to each other, it might enable new types of modular music. (The color interface is just for the sake of simplicity- not an important part of the technology)

I think the algorithm is unusual in being able to (unlike most generative music) analyze and regenerate music that already has structure of its own.

For instance, given community interest, alternate implementations could enable composers to build a musical eco-system seeded with their own riffs and melodies, where preferred hybrids/variations get fed into future generations of output, and so on. ( and have more background)

I thought that this would be of interest to those who are interested in generative music.

Chromat - Jay Hardesty Clip to Evernote

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