AmpKit+ Big Update

Agile Partners bring a huge update to AmpKit+, here’s what’s new:


  • Dual-stage Amp Simulation: Doubles the simulation fidelity of all AmpKit amps on newer iOS devices including iPhone 4, iPad 1 & 2, 4th generation iPod touch.
  • Convolution-based Cabinet Simulation: Advanced technology for highly accurate cabinet simulations that produce even more realistic tone and dynamics.
  • Adaptive Input Compensation: Intelligently restores the bass frequencies lost through the headset circuitry on various iOS devices. The result: an amazing increase in the fidelity of the incoming guitar signal, and much richer amplified tone, regardless of amp and playing style.
  • Solo & Mix Output Shaping: Toggle between Solo mode, which pumps up bass frequencies for the best possible tone when practicing and playing for fun, and Mix mode, which gives a brighter tone when you want to mix with other instruments for recording or playing with a band.
  • Next-generation Noise Gate: Even better control of your favorite high-gain amps and pedals.


  • 6 New Amps
  • Budda® SD30: nicknamed the “Dirty 30,” the SD30 offers distinctive Drive and Rhythm channels for playing jazz, blues or harder rock styles.
  • Fargen™ Olde 800™: one of the most versatile amps around, with a three-way Decade control offering sounds from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.
  • Fargen™ Super Collider™: a dual-channel creation coupling rich clean tone with enhanced sustain and high-gain overdrive.
  • Fargen™ Hot Mod™ Baby Blues: a modification of a classic dirty blues amp with an added Presence control, an updated Fat switch, and a whole heap more gain.
  • Two great new models of legendary high-gain amps, the Sultan Rack 88 and the Uber Xtreme 101.

4 New Effects

  • Rocktron® Zombie Rectified Distortion®: produces asymmetrical distortion that sounds loud, thrilling and monstrous.
  • Rocktron® Cottonmouth Fuzz®: a boutique transistor-based fuzz pedal with a wealth of control options.
  • Sonic Edge J&J Overdrive: Ben Fargen’s new flexible overdrive with precision control, from subtle sweetening to full-on tube crushing drive.
  • Sonic Edge Tumbleweed Clean Boost & Compression: an innovative pedal that lets you use both effects in conjunction or separately.

New Presets

  • 25 new presets to show off all the new gear, which brings the total number of built-in presets to a full 100!
  • Check out additional presets, including many from well-known guitarists, on AmpKit’s artists and setups web page:


  • The new Summer ‘11 Pack features all of the great new gear we added in AmpKit 1.2: 6 amps, 6 cabinets, and 4 effects.
  • Special introductory pricing means you save over 80% versus individual gear prices.


  • Background Audio: AmpKit can now keep operating and produce audio when running in the background – perfect for looking at scrolling tab notation on your device while continuing to play using your favorite AmpKit setup.
  • Recording Session Mix Down: Mix a wet guitar recording with its backing track. You can repeat the process to mix in additional guitar tracks.
  • Effects Only Mode: Turn off amp & cabinet modeling and create setups with just effects pedals, so you can use AmpKit as an effects processor connected into a physical guitar or bass amp.
  • Effects After The Cab: In addition to positioning effects such as delay and reverb after the amp, you can now also position effects after the cabinet.
  • Feedback Protection: AmpKit offers the realistic high-gain amps and pedals demanded by metal and other high-gain enthusiasts. As with real amplifiers, high-gain setups in AmpKit can trigger feedback, especially when using guitar interfaces that, unlike AmpKit LiNK, have high crosstalk. In AmpKit 1.2, we’ve added Feedback Protection which detects and controls most feedback.

AmpKit+ - Agile Partners

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