The Amazon tablet and why it won’t be a device for music

In the latest episode of the podcast we had a good discussion about the Amazon tablet that has been rumoured for a long time now. It’s worth listening to that discussion, but I did want to say a few words about the Amazon tablet and why I won’t be getting one (probably).

According to the reports from TechCrunch the new Amazon tablet is based on Android 2.2 and Amazon have forked the OS to make it very much their own. There is no Android market on this tablet apparently, and that would mean very little in the way of music applications unless Amazon decided to put them on via their own app store. I guess that this is possible.

My guess is that Amazon want this to be an iPad competitor, and as such are aiming it at the core tablet buying public and not at us. That’s fine. Understandable, but also misses a trick in a big way.

It’s a shame, I can’t really get my head around what Amazon are trying to achieve with this device, but perhaps I’ll understand more when it debuts.

Anyway, have a listen to the podcast for even more about the Amazon tablet, and of course, lots lots more. Clip to Evernote

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