Mo Power by freesoulsound with MultiTrack DAW Mo Power by freesoulsound

From freesoul:

This was a quick track done on my iPad when I decided to test out MoDrum to see what kind of sequence I could throw together. After I got the drums arranged in Multitrack Daw I started on the other parts. I was starting to get a little frustrated as everything I was trying in Sunrizer,Nlog Pro,and even Bassline was not working! It took me all night to get the parts down to where I liked it. It wasn’t until about the last 10 minutes of adding parts that the song finally started to click and work together. I wanted to extend the piece but I say that for all my songs :). I know in this dy with so much music and short attention spans that getting in and out sometimes works in the songs favor(plus it keeps ’em coming back to re-listen). Thanks to Finger for Bassline/MoDrum on this track,along with Beep Street and Rolff for their great synth applications Sunrizer and Nlog Pro….am I leaving anyone out….oh yeah! Multitrack Daw because without that app I wouldn’t be making these songs and you,the listener,wouldn’t get to hear them in part to the fantastic Soundcloud uploading capabilities. From finger to screen to ears as fast as we create them. Thanks for listening and as always,learn and play,learn and play(spend some money while your at it) Later freesoul 🙂 Clip to Evernote

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