PiQ iOS Universal

This is a $0.99 app which makes some very big claims indeed. Just read the app’s description:

The PiQ musical instrument offers an entirely new and fascinating musical experience. This is a different instrument and different playing experience from any you already know. You start playing music in the simplest possible way, and then can move into playing and recording sophisticated, even radical, music. PiQ offers a range of intriguing finger gestures that can keep you immersed for hours just fiddling and tweaking and jamming. You can record your music, along with your voice (and your friends’ voices), and play back the music you’ve created. In the paid version, you can immediately share your recordings to your Facebook wall, or by SMS (text message) or email. In fact, sharing a voice recording by SMS is a voice SMS system in its own right – record your singing or simply a voice message, with or without notes, and send it instantly embedded in a text message, and whoever you are sending it to can listen to your recording instantly. And, you can make the PiQ musical instrument unique to yourself by overlaying it with your own photos.

What you get with the free/lite version:

  • An entirely new and unique musical instrument experience
  • Takes touchscreen musical instruments in a whole new direction
  • Multiple gestures on each note key, and multi-touch across notes, lets you create intriguing and continuously fascinating music
  • Notes (natural, flat, sharp) across 3 octaves, with major and minor chords for each note, all in the context of a highly ergonomic, one-handed user interface that lets you play learn and play almost instantly with multiple fingers
  • Tune gesture effects, space effects and volume
  • Play music with quickly and easily, from simple to sophisticated to radical
  • Simple, ergonomic note layout and user interface offers a rich musical experience, powered by NeoKeys technology
  • Record your musical note compositions, with or without voice
  • Personalize the PiQ instrument with your own photos
  • Separately optimized PiQ images for iPhone and iPad

What you get for the paid version:

  • All of the above
  • Sharing your recorded music via Facebook, email and SMS (voice SMS)
  • no in-app ads

The native max app volume from the internal speakers on iPhones and iPads has constraints. We have worked hard to provide volume and volume controls that optimize your experience within those constraints. However, in many environments with external ambient noise levels, you may want to use high quality headphones or earbuds or external speakers for most effective volume when using the PiQ music app, especially when playing lower notes.

PiQ - Yuvee, Inc.

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