Nanoloop 1.6 announced

No, not the Android or iPhone version, but something more:

oliver wrote:

Nanoloop 1.5 has been discontinued but will soon be replaced with a newly designed cart. Just like 2.x, the new cart can be software-updated via the usb-adaptor ( Since there is a little more ROM space available on the new cart, some functions may be added to version 1.6, such as 1.3’s hardsync (“wave retrigger”) and some 2.x functions (variable pattern length). No extra voice anymore though.
In combination with the USB-adaptor, the cart acts as a small flash cart that can hold two (or maybe three) additional 32k ROMs, such as nanovoice, Shitwave or Pushpin. It comes without SRAM and uses a custom, nonstandard MBC. Therefore, extra ROMs may not exceed 32k in size and can not save data unless they’re modified to deal with nanoloop’s MBC and flash memory.

The new design reduces manufacturing costs and uses only two ICs. The cart therefore will be significantly cheaper than 1.5, probably about 40-50 usd. The USB-adaptor will be available soon for less than 10 usd. There will also be a MIDI-version that allows to USB-MIDI-sync nanoloop.

I certainly have not stopped caring about the 1.x line, I was just so busy with family and the iPhone / Android versions for the last three years. Now I finally have the time to care about 1.x again and also resume an other lo-fi hardware project I had started years ago.

Via 8bc forums Clip to Evernote

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