RecTools Unlimited arrives

In what I’d describe as a rather strange move Yudo have brought out a new version of their RecTools apps called RecTools Unlimited. The ‘unlimited’ part being the fact that it will record up to 500 tracks. Apparently it will play 100 tracks on the 3GS and more on the iPhone 4 (specs below).

What’s really odd though is that Yudo have decided to do this rather than release more of a ‘studio’ based app, which is what they said they would do quite a long time ago. Originally Yudo had claimed that they were going to add synths, FX, drum machines and more to RecTools08, but this didn’t happen, or at least it hasn’t happened so far anyway.

So, if you’re looking for a huge number of tracks on your iPhone, this is the app for you.


A multitrack recorder with support for an unlimited number of tracks is now here! Finally exceeding the functionality of portable MTRs. Each track has it’s own 3 band Equalizer and the possibility to record and edit up to 3 hours of uncompressed high quality audio in mono or stereo.

The most powerful version of rectools, Rectools Unlimited is now available! Plays around 100 channels at the same time with the iPhone 3GS and even more with the iPhone 4 and devices with higher performance. Rectools Unlimited supports 500+ tracks so feel free to push your iPhone or iPod touch to the limit!

  • Import audio files easily using iTunes
  • Adjustable metronome delay (fast, slow and normal)
  • Loop and repeat function
  • Import audio files through WIFI
  • Improvements to the engine has made it possible to record up to 3 hours of audio per track.
  • And more…

Rectools Unlimited is the perfect tool for music creation and also the first multitrack recorder for the iPhone / iPod Touch! It is perfectly suited for band recordings or chorus recordings. It is also tested and compatible with the iPhone microphone and several external 3rd party iPhone/iPod microphones. and records in 44.1kHz / 16bit top quality. Thanks to the wave edit feature it is also possible to edit and process your recorded data afterwards.

More features:
Unlimited multitrack recording (500+ number of tracks).

Wave edit function
Edit & process your recorded data.

Each track has it’s own 3 band equalizer with frequency ranges from 20hz to 20kHz, ±12dB.

Like a real mixing console all channels have a volume fader, pan knob, equalizer and can be muted or soloed. The overall output volume can also be adjusted.

Audio Pool
Manage all the audio clips in your project, import and delete. See how many times an audio clip have been used in the project. Import files with iTunes (supports 44.1khz, mono or stereo wav-files)

Helps you to keep the beat when recording.

Send your recordings to a computer in the same local network as your iPhone / iPod Touch via WI-FI.

Recording format: Linear PCM (WAV) 44.1kHz / 16bit in stereo or mono.

The app is priced at $39.99.

Rectools Unlimited - Yudo Inc. Clip to Evernote

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