How deep do you go

With the explosion of apps appearing regularly in iOS and to a much lesser degree on Android I do start to wonder how much time we (I) get to explore the full potential of each of them. Of course some of these apps don’t have great depth to them, but many do and it’s these where I wonder if they can all to quickly get overlooked as the next new shiny thing comes along.

I’m sure we all have our favourite apps and ones that we go back to regularly, but integrating a new and functionally deep app can be time consuming and also at times detract from the creative process itself.

I’m not advocating a slow down in the flow of innovation in any way, but I think that some times we can get lost in playing with a new toy instead of keeping the focus on actually making music. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with playing, nothing at all, in fact it can often lead to real inspiration, there’s a balance to be struck between the two.

So is it just me? Clip to Evernote

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