SunVox Tutorial Part 4 – Dirty Generator

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SunVox Tutorial Part 3 – Pulse Modulation

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SunVox Tutorial Part 2 – Generator Module

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Sound Toy

A new ‘toy’ app for the iPhone. Sounds like fun though. Here are the details:

Sound Toy is a very fun interactive toy. When your fingers touch the screen they generate sound effects combined with a beautiful visualization. Simply touch the screen and enjoy. Experiment with different numbers of fingers to create amazing sound.

★ Multi-Touch (up to 3 fingers)
★ Beautiful graphic effects

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What’s coming to Rhythm Studio

Pulsecode Inc posts on the next update coming to Rhythm Studio:

New Features in R3:

  • Optimized Mixer that fits on one screen. The mixer has been optimized to fit on one screen which allows for better control but also gives us more workspace.
  • 4 Audio Devices! That is right, with the smaller mixer the XYP Control Pad mkii has been moved which gives us one more slot to add a device!
  • User selectable devices. In SETTINGS view you can change out the devices for your song. Do you want 4 x TB3 synthesizers just because? Well you can!
  • Paste your song to the Intua Audio Paste clipboard to share between other apps! I exported the demo songs and sucessfully imported it into Garage Band of the iPad.
  • Linear Control. In SETTINGS view you can change from Rotation control to Linear control. Thanks everyone for your feedback!
  • Email Support. A button within the app will email us directly to give us feedback or ask for help.
  • Email Song Session File. Share your masterpiece with your friends! (Audio in a future update)
  • Song File Lock. This will prevent your song from being deleted or modified. Great for songs you want to share or just jam over.

New Devices in R3:

  • Improved 4 Channel Mixer with controls that fit on one screen. The Effect Units have also been combined to make it more streamlined and simple to use.
  • Improved XYP Control Pad. The new Control Pad mkii has a wider control surface that makes it easier to use.
  • DR-9 Drum Machine. Perfect Four on the Floor drum machine to make those banging beats! Also includes flam to hit those 32nd notes.
  • Gate Audio Insert Effect. The Gate Effect slices up the audio and takes it to another dimension.

They go on to mention their new ‘hornet’ synth:

The only thing we need to do is build our new virtual analog subtractive synthesizer called: “The Hornet”. The Hornet will be a ribbon style synth. We’ll post the specs as soon as they are set.

Lots to look forward to. Rhythm Studio is still on sale for just $0.99 / £0.69

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Circuit bended toy Troll Voice

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Drum Toy (video)

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Arctic Keys Virtual Analog Synthesizer for iPad is on the way

From the maker of the excellent Molten Drum Machine comes the new Arctic Keys Virtual Analog Synthesizer for iPad. An iPad synth which will have two alias-free oscillators, a single multi-mode filter, a sequencer, a master effects section, and more. If that wasn’t enough Arctic Keys will also support CoreMIDI, Sonoma AudioCopy, and background audio on release all at version 1.0. Not bad going?

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Sunrizer Synth iPhone version on the way

It looks like the iPhone version of Sunrizer synth is only a week away from submission, which is great news!

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