D-Pad for iPad arrives

A new drum machine for the iPad arrives. Here’s what to expect:

D-Pad is an old-school style Drum Machine exclusively made for the iPad. It brings you a simple and easy to use instrument to create drum rhythms in an instant. With D-Pad, you are able to create new sequences, play with patterns, have a full overview of the drum track and add up to 7 effects in real-time. D-Pad includes many kits, from old machines to new up-to- date styles. D-Pad has a build-in 4 bars sequencer as well as a live mode. Last but not least, D-Pad natively comes with audio export.

D-Pad comes with 3 different sections: the mixer, the grid and the effect rack.

The Mixer offers you:

  • To individually change the Volume, the Pan and the Tune of each track
  • To play each track in live mode with dedicated pads, where changes and effects also apply
  • To record in live mode with a quantize functionality

The Grid allows you:

  • To have a full overview of the rhythm you are creating
  • To quickly assign events to each track with the multi-touch enable. Just swipe the pads with your fingers.
  • To easily identify when one or more tracks are in solo

The Effect view allows you:

  • To control which effect is applied on the whole track
  • To set each single parameters of each effect. Here again, the multi -touch enable allows you to modify many parameters at the same time.

D-Pad also comes with the great audio Mix-down feature: create a rhythm (with the sequencer or with the live mode) and record it. The corresponding audio file is stored in the document folder of the D-Pad Application.

Complete specifications:

  • 8 track Sequencer (bpm from 40 to 240)
  • 4 bars: sequenced play mode, single bar edit, copy and paste between bars
  • Swing feature
  • Live pad mode with recording capability (length up to 32 bars or 64 seconds)
  • Volume, pan and tune adjustment for each individual track
  • Manage your sequence through the sequence menu
  • Kit selection menu
  • Mixer view, Sequencer Grid view and Effect Rack view
  • 7 effects: Reverb, compressor, Filter LPHP, Delay, Bitcrusher, Phaser and 3 band EQ
  • Audio Mix-down to reuse your tracks in other audio applications (Wav files)
  • Info screen (touch the logo) with parameters modifications (mix-down and swing)

Currently under development

  • Midi export
  • Mid sync
  • More effects

The app is priced at $4.99

D-Pad - MyElectronica

iPads at the Apple Store

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