What’s new in SoundPrism Pro 2.2

A great update for SoundPrism users. Here’s what’s new:

  • AudioCopy: record audio from SoundPrism and paste it into any app that is compatible with Sonoma Wireworks’ AudioPaste
  • Background Audio: jam along to music from your iPod or other music apps running in the background
  • Skins:Now you can change the look of SoundPrism. A first black and a white skin are available for purchase in the SoundPrism Store.
  • New Menus: They’re pretty. 🙂
  • The standard sounds have less reverb now. We’ve listened to our users who liked the original sounds of SoundPrism 1.3 and we’ve removed some of the reverb effect we’ve added in SoundPrism 2.0

SoundPrism Pro - Audanika GmbH

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