If Apple launches an iPhone 5 and iPad Pro (or 3), what will be broken?

Thinking a little about my earlier post and the possibility of new hardware at the beginning of next month it made me wonder what would be broken by doing this?

When the iPhone 4 came out lots of peripheral devices didn’t work with it because of the changes in the pin outs on the dock connector. Devices like GuitarJack, Blue’s Mikey, and the SynthStation 25 were all casualties of the change.

If we saw another similar change I’m guessing it would cause just as many problems as before, but as there are now even more devices out there, we’ll see more of them get broken.

I’m also mindful of what Dan Radin from Alesis said on the Touchsound podcast about Apple giving now earlier warnings about these kind of changes.

As the iOS music ecosystem expands this is going to be more and more of a problem, unless Apple can maintain compatibility with older peripherals, although ‘older’ is almost certainly the wrong word!

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