What’s on the Sunvox to do list

Want to know what’s coming up for Sunvox? Here’s the to do list:

  • Keys redefinition.
  • Real-time notes recording.
  • Envelopes for any controllers.
  • Ability to load sunvox project as module.
  • Organ.
  • Vertical timeline.
  • Pitch shift module (and may be pitch mode for modulator).
  • “Bypass” button.
  • MIDI sync.
  • Map MIDI cc to different controls in SunVox.
  • Ability to import a complete sunvox file into the current file.
  • “Sync” option for modules like echo/lfo/flanger. For synchronise the delay time to ticks in stead of ms.
  • Formula generator.
  • Cut and delay in one std. effect.
  • Move patterns during playback.
  • Live mode. Would be sweet to be able to trigger multiple simultanious patterns on/off via clicking or via midi keyboard (like fruity loops live pattern mode).
  • Autosave (every few minutes for example).
  • A small box for comments and greets (~255 characters) with fixed width font.
  • Network MIDI protocol (RTP MIDI?).
  • Auto-save to a temporary file.
  • WiFi import/export samples in bulk (on iPhone/iPad).
  • Additional waveforms for Mod and Car in FM.
  • Save groups of synths together in a bunch.
  • Beat slicer: playing the sound from different equally spaced offsets using different notes.
  • High Quality 32 bit sound engine for mobile devices.
  • Jack support in Linux.
  • Sample recording from microphone.
  • Switch instruments / sampler etc by using the hardware buttons.
  • Macro objects in the patch view. It can get crowded fast in there and being able to group sections inside their own boxes would make things a lot easier to handle.
  • The ablility to switch to/from the sunvox without closing it. currently it is a ‘foreground’ only for pocketPC.
  • Support of not 4/4 rhythms.
  • SoundFont support.

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