Fairlight Pro update

Quite a big update for the Fairlight Pro app:

  • Sample your own voices from the microphone or line in
  • Added metronome tick sound, controlled in song settings page
  • Improved Page R timing engine with lower latency and note jitter
  • Improved Page D performance
  • Instrument voices now have solo, mute and selectable pan and attack
  • Adjust the played start and finish segment of any voice
  • Collapse music keyboard on iPad, giving more room for content
  • Swipe music keyboard octave selector to start on any white key
  • Edit the titles of your voices
  • Edit the start and finish of any voice
  • Manage your subscription to the Fairlight Newsletter
  • Improved Settings page layout
  • Switches and sliders now have Fairlight look

Fairlight Pro - Fairlight Instruments Pty Ltd

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