What I’ve been playing with this week

Another round up of what I’ve been playing with and tinkering with this week.

  • AirVox from Yonac – I really like this app and I think it has great performance potential although it can be hard to control.
  • GrainBender – I haven’t spent as much time with this as I’d like, but I do like it so far and I think it’s got lots of potential
  • Addictive Synth – Addictive is the right word indeed. I could play with this for hours and hours.
  • FiRe Studio – Another great app from Audiofile Engineering and it has loads of potential. I haven’t had a project with which to use this in anger as yet, but I’m sure I won’t have to wait long
  • PixelWave – A great new noise maker from the Sunvox developer
  • Tabletop – This is the start of a very interesting platform from the Retronyms. I’ve liked what I can do with it so far and I’m hoping that it’ll go much further in the future, but a great start so far with huge potential.
  • NodeBeat HD – It’s no secret that I really like generative music and the latest version of NodeBeat brings some great new features like a drum node and more control over the whole creation process.
  • Sunvox – I’ve just started getting back into Sunvox and I’m loving the new drum synth module
  • Grid Music – Love the new recording feature.

So what’s been taking up all your spare time?
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