Salamander Sunrize by iosmusicandyou Salamander Sunrize by iosmusicandyou

Nice vibe from iOS Music and You, here’s what he says:

This one popped into my head when I heard the bass sound on the Sunrizer Synth app; it reminded me of the bass sound on Herbie Hancock’s Chameleon. I came up with a similar chord progress and went from there. This one gets pretty far from Herbie – I brought in a serious 80s vibe with the Sunrizer arpeggiator.

This tune goes into the pop realms – I feel like this one needs some vocals. So maybe it’s a work in progress; if there’s any vocalists out there . . .

I used the Sunrizer Synth, the FunkBox Drum Machine, and GarageBand to put this one together. Clip to Evernote

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