Frontier Design – iShred Live and Griffin Stompbox

Press release from Frontier on their integration with Griffin’s Stompbox hardware:

iShred LIVE app and StompBox turn any iOS device into portable effects board.

Lebanon, NH — July 25, 2011 — Frontier Design Group, maker of musically inspiring apps, is excited to announce that iShred LIVE is compatible with recently released StompBox from Griffin Technology Inc.

iShred LIVE is a mobile app with amp modeling and stomp box effects for guitar, bass, and other instruments. Based on the popular virtual guitar app from Frontier Design Group, iShred LIVE gives musicians of all skill levels the ability to play a real instrument through their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

StompBox is a multi-functional foot controller which works with guitar effects apps to turn any iOS device into a portable, programmable effects board and practice rig.

Every control within iShred LIVE + StompBox is just a foot tap away! From changing presets to playing a backing track to controlling the metronome, iShred LIVE + StompBox turns your iDevice into an extremely compact and portable stage-worthy effects rig.

With the expression pedal input, iShred LIVE + StompBox can also control effect levels including volume, delay, wah, and any other variable setting, all with your hands free to rock out.

iShred LIVE + StompBox can control any button or switch within the app which includes the following:

  • Going to the next, previous, or a specific preset
  • Go to the tuner screen, and use the LED’s on the stomp box to know if you are sharp, flat, or right on.
  • Turn the metronome click on and off, increment or decrement the BPM, and even tap out the tempo you want
  • Play, pause, and stop backing track playback
  • Set loops point and toggle looping of a backing track
  • Toggle between the source of the backing track (iPod library, and files added to the app via iTunes sharing or recorded with the recorder)
  • Start and stop recording, turn the recorder metronome on and off, play back a recording and undo a recording
  • Turning on and off any effect and the amp
  • Any non-variable control on any effect, such as Auto Set on Buzz Kill, Dual on/off Sybil, or selecting a specific pattern on the Q-36 space modulator
  • With iShred LIVE + StompBox’s expression pedal, you can command any variable control on any effect, including the following:
  • Buzz Kill threshold and decay
  • Delay level and regen
  • Trembler (variable waveform tremolo)
  • Q-36 mix, speed, range, and tone
  • Guitar volume
  • Overdrive level
  • Hot Fuzz level
  • Wah

iShred LIVE + StompBox is preconfigured with four banks of four pedal controls and one expression control, giving a total 20 controls at any given time. This setup is easily user customizable, allowing for control of what you want, when you want.

With the download of iShred LIVE, the first three effects are FREE:

  • HK-2000 Digital Delay (with tap tempo)
  • Q-36 Space Modulator/Flanger
  • Buzz Kill (noise gate)
  • Players looking for tonal flexibility can download these additional effects through in-app purchases:
  • Hot Fuzz (super fuzz pedal)
  • Sybil (dual chorus)
  • Trembler (variable waveform tremolo)
  • Adrenaline (adustable trebel booster)
  • Kompressor (compressor pedal)
  • Auto Wah (super funky pedal)
  • Octavinator (for bass lines and lead licks)
  • Phaser ( add shimmer to sweet ballads or supercharge a metal rock lead)
  • Screamer (face-melting, ear drum -bursting, burning metal distortion)
  • Recorder (capture quick inspiration or overdub a rock opera)
  • Features and functions of StompBox include:
  • Rugged four button foot controller – brings professional quality practice and performance experience to iPhone, iPad,or iPod touch.
  • Assignable foot-activated switches – you can easily assign individual functions for the four switches
  • 1/4-inch pedal jack – industry-standard connector accommodates variable input devices like volume, expression, or wah-wah pedals with control outputs
  • 1 meter heavy-duty dock connector cable – easlily link StompBox to iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch
  • GuitarConnect cable – special 3-connector cable connects to iOS device with instrument and headphone, PA, or amp

iShred LIVE - Frontier Design Group Clip to Evernote

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