Shoudio looks like it could be very interesting

Shoudio is a location based audio platform for sharing sounds / snippets. Here’s some of the stuff you can do with it:

What are you hearing? Instantly record and publish interesting soundsnippets.
Move around and check nearby, popular and recent audio recordings 
Add your friends and other interesting people.
Hashtag radio
Make your own channels or tune into some. 
Crosspost your recordings to Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.
Embed your stream
Add your recordings with the html5 ready widget to your sites and blogs 
iTunes & Email
Let followers instantly subscribe via iTunes podcast or mail any Shoudio recording
Fancy up your recordings with a picture.

Shoudio is free

  • Record and share Location Based Audio
  • Discover places of the world through sound
  • Hear what others heard
  • Share your Shoudios on Facebook, Twitter and iTunes
  • It’s free!

I guess in some ways it is quite similar to SoundCloud, but it has a few other features that SoundCloud doesn’t, or at least not at yet anyway. I may give it a try and see what it’s like

Shoudio - Open & Sociaal Clip to Evernote

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