Lo-Fi Folk Arranger for iPad

This is a strange looking app and not an idea I’d really thought of, but then again there’s no reason that Folk shouldn’t be on the iPad is there? So here’s the description:

Jambots Arranger is a new music tool for writing songs and creating demos quickly and easily. Arranger’s simplicity makes it seem like a toy, yet with its strong composition power it surpasses most professional sequencing and recording software.

Here’s what you’ll find on Arranger:

  • An intuitive button interface that allows you to quickly create complex arrangements on a single screen.
  • A loop-based sound system that maintains performance style and production texture while offering key and chord freedom
  • A generative mode to instantly create new progressions with natural sounding key, chord, and melody variations
  • An intelligent lead algorithm that automatically chooses expressive melodies to match key changes without ever playing a wrong note
  • A Lead Sheet view that renders your composition as text you can print or project – allowing live musicians to play along

Jambots philosophy of minimalist design and strict constraints have resulted in an impressive list of omitted features.

Here’s what you WILL NOT find on the Lo-Fi Folk Arranger:
Keyboard, MIDI, piano roll, and event lists. Classical notation such as staff, clefs and key signatures
Audio import, recording, mixing or effects. File management, saving and loading songs
Collaboration, sharing, location and social networking

Jambots Lo-Fi Folk Arranger sounds like real music because it’s made from real music.

Design and logic by Terry Schubring
Sound engine and app by Logan Cautrell
Illustrations by Chris Biewer
Music by Terry Schubring with additional tracks by Peter Duggan and Mach Fox

Lo-Fi Folk Arranger - Jambots

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