Sound Epic for iPhone

Thanks to everyone who pointed me at this app. I’m going to try it out in the morning. Here are the details:

SOUND EPIC: The most incredible way to create amazing audio in the palm of your hand. Turn a 3 minute pop song into an hour long electronic symphony masterpiece.

Now you can create never before heard symphonies of music in real time on your iOS device.

Conjure up your musical creation from any source. Bring in songs from your iPod library, sounds you record using the built-in audio recorder, or use the mind-blowing Live Input mode that turns anything your microphone hears into an EPIC.

* Slow tracks by 2 times or 16 times as much.

* Import DRM free tracks right from your iPod music library.

* Share your creations with the world using built-in SoundCloud uploading

* Bring in music and sounds from other apps or export your creations into other iOS apps using Sonoma’s Audio Copy & Paste.

* Play back tracks in real-time while changing settings.

* Import and export music at your desktop with iTunes File Sharing.

* Sound Epic also lets you create advanced HD audio with even more dynamic polish and crystal clarity.

Upgrade to the full version to get:

* Hear the world around you slowed down into an epic symphony of sounds… in real time. All using LIVE INPUT MODE.

* Record your live creations capture with Live Input mode.

* A basic voice recorder to record anything to turn into HD Epics.

* Ad free fun.

(Note: All recording and Live Input features require some kind of microphone such as the one built-in with the iPhone headset)

(App is for personal use only and the application provider is not responsible for any misuse of copyrighted material.)

Sound Epic - Taptronica Mobile Clip to Evernote

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