Luna Cube Test By CupAndBow

That is one really cool little synth.

The Luna Cube is a small hand held synth that uses light to make a large range of electronic noises.

The light sensor inputs allow you to get a full range of sounds very quickly, they work as fast a you can move your fingers across the sensors.

If you want to hear what the Luna Cube sounds like, I have upload a small YouTube video:

Main controls:
Pitch: the pitch control allows you to make, 127 tones and 127 white noise variations using the right hand light sensor as an input. For crazy effect use a small LED torch that has a strobe function.

Chopper: The chopper control changes the frequency of the sound up and down. The speed of these changes is dependent on left hand side light sensor. The more light that enters the sensor the faster the sound moment, until the point where sound is chopped up. Clip to Evernote

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