Thanks to freesoulvw for digging up these potential updates to FL Studio Mobile:

Just found out from a user submitted comment on another blog site saying these features will be in the next update. Image-Line also said 1.1 will have

Major new features:

  • User instruments can be created from .instr and .zip files
  • Sonoma AudioCopy: mixdowns (wav files) can be sent to other apps via AudioCopy, which is an additional option in the Export window
  • Clipboard in the bar editor: tap and hold a selection to see the copy and paste buttons
  • Filter track editing in the bar editor
  • Record button in the Filter screen
  • Piano-roll editor: pitch-bend is visualized with curved lines
  • New soundpacks

Smaller changes since v1.0:

  • Heavy Mute: tuning improved
  • User forum button in the Setup screen
  • Loading a beat repeats it for the whole length of the song
  • The file name textfield in the Projects tab shows the name of the current project
  • Metronome “precount only at the beginning of the song” is now off by default
  • Fix: Step lights were hidden at signatures other than 4/4
  • Many minor bugfixes

Image Line Software

iPads at the Apple Store Clip to Evernote


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