Loopmash 1.1

So my asking about Loopmash was a little premature! There’s a 1.1 update and the free app seems to be back as well. Here’s what’s new:

More content for LoopMash via in-app purchases

Upgrade your LoopMash library with content sets for even more great-sounding loops in your favorite music style. Be it crowd-moving Rock, vintage-flavored Funk or deep and soulful Hip-Hop: Each content set includes over 50 first-class audio loops that have been shaped by professional producers and chosen by some of the best ears in the industry. Plus, the award-winning composer and producer Erran Baron Cohen has teamed up with Steinberg to deliver an organic collection of chill out, house and bossa nova tunes.

Exchange presets via iTunes

With this update you can even exchange your presets with friends. It’s so simple — just connect your iPhone or iPod to iTunes, click on the left menu on your device, and then click on the top menu on “Apps”. Scroll down to the “Apps” section and select LoopMash. You will find all your presets on the right window. Click on “Save to…” to store your presets to your computer. If you want to load presets from a friend, simply click on the “Add…” button.

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