Another new music making app arrives for the iPhone.

Create your own music with style, ease and control. Anything from elegant melodies, club anthems, psychedelic grooves and even filthy drum and bass beats are possible!

Simple controls and the option for detailed customization means that Grid DJ can be enjoyed by anyone at any musical level.


Sound Effects – switch between multiple effects to give your arrangements a whole new feel.
WARNING! Do not use the ‘Ivory’ sound effect unless you are completely prepared! Turn it up!

Tone Pad – build your melodies and rhythms on an 8×16 grid of tones.

Keyboard Screen – pick any combination of notes for the tone pad to use, or try some we’ve already set up to get you started.

Wallpaper Selection – you decide on how you want Grid DJ to look, choose from a number of distinct styles.

Grid DJ - KSM Clip to Evernote


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