midiPhon for iPhone arrived (in case you missed it)

In case you missed this from this morning here are the details of this new modular for the iPhone and Touch.


  • Generates waveforms according to settings and inputs.
  • Continous frequency
  • Frequency derived from controller input (notes, etc.)
  • Each generator can generate multiple partials/harmonics.


  • Sine
  • Square
  • Triangle
  • Sawtooth
  • Noise
  • Level
  • Module inputs
  • Envelope, 4 inputs (A, D, S, R) (set, add, multiply)
  • Frequency modulation (set, add, multiply)
  • Amplitude modulation (add, multiply)
  • Module outputs
  • L, R (audio)


  • Process 2 inputs using following methods
  • Add (mixing)
  • Multiply
  • Module inputs:
  • Limit (set, add, multiply)
  • Amplifier (set, add, multiply)
  • L(2), R(2) (audio)
  • Module Outputs:
  • L(2), R(2) (audio)
  • Delay
  • Classic delay effect module.
  • Module inputs
  • L, R (audio)
  • Number of repeats (set, add, multiply)
  • Amplitude drop (set, add, multiply)
  • Delay time (set, add, multiply)
  • Module outputs
  • L, R (audio)


  • Modes
  • Low
  • High
  • Band
  • Notch
  • Peaking
  • Low shelf
  • High shelf
  • Module inputs
  • L, R (audio)
  • Gain (set, add, multiply)
  • Bandwidth or Q (set, add, multiply)
  • Frequency (set, add, multiply)

Built-in HTTP server for managing projects

  • Sequencer
  • Support for external control
  • Line6 Midi Mobilizer
  • Akai Synthstation
  • Midi over network (ipMIDI) 

Priced at $9.99

midiPhon - PDP Innovation ApS

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