Getting into Samplewiz

I’ve been playing with Samplewiz a lot more just recently and I’m starting to really get into it. When I first launched this app the UI didn’t really grab me at all. I found the interface put me off from using the app, and on reflection it was a sort of ‘judging a book by the cover’ reaction.

I’ve got past that now and I’ve been spending a bit more time just experimenting with the app and I’m really getting into it now. I think that this app has a lot of potential for some really interesting and creative sampling. In fact I actually spent more time with it than I intended last time and nearly missed my station.

I’ve still got more to do in terms of getting to grips with the app as I think that the UI hides or at least makes you believe that the app is simpler or less fully featured than it actually is which is a shame.

I know lots of people were put off by the UI when Samplewiz first came out, but my advice would be to see past that if you can and spend some time just playing with it. I think it’s got a lot to offer.

SampleWiz - Jordan Rudess: Wizdom Music, LLC Clip to Evernote

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