An intriguing iPad synth app.

The ELECTRONIC PIANO SYNTHESIZER (EPS) is the world first piano synthesizer for the iPad. Based on a 32bit realtime sound engine, the sounds were computed on the fly, no samples were used.

The EPS gives you possibilities you don´t have with any other Piano or EPiano on the iPad. You can change the sound while you play on the keyboard and hear the changes immediately. That is what you need to tweak your own sounds. The main use for EPS is EPiano sounds, but you can also make sounds like bass, brass , bells, chimes, toms, vibraphone…

  • 32bit float point polyphonic realtime sound engine
  • 32 library patches to load and save from
  • 21 factory preset sounds
  • multiple FX (vibrato, tremolo, delay, tube overdrive)
  • over 7 octaves
  • keyboard scrollable
  • two different keyboard sizes
  • second keyboard available over options
  • simulated velocity
  • one screen edit (you don´t have to switch thru different pages)
  • last session save on closing app 

The app is priced at $1.99

Electronic Piano Synthesizer - Christian Bacaj

iPads at the Apple Store Clip to Evernote


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